Standard and Coffin Drape

Ceremonial Standard

Past Members Association StandardWe have a Past Members Association (PMA) Ceremonial Standard available for display at formal and ceremonial events, and we have two volunteer Standard Bearers, with ceremonial uniform, who are willing to carry the Standard subject to their availability.

A wooden base is also available for static display of the Standard as a backdrop for an event.

Carrying straps and gloves can be made available for loan when the ceremonial uniform wearers are not available.

The Association can only accommodate needs if circumstances permit at the time of request. There is no guarantee that a Standard Bearer will be available. It should also be noted that the Standard Bearers will do this voluntarily and the Association does not wish to see any attendance to be at the financial detriment to our volunteers. There is no charge, but covering personal expenses at .45p per mile will be appreciated.

The Standard is only available to be used for members of the Association or representation at events associated with the on duty death of a member of the Service.

Coffin Drape

Our Coffin Drape is available on request from families of past members of the Service.

Requesting use of the PMA Standard or Coffin Drape

Past Members Association coffin drapeA request for use should be made by contacting the PMA Secretary, if this is unsuccessful, a request can be made via our website contacts page or by contacting Reception at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters.

It is the responsibility of the loanee to return all items loaned as soon as is reasonably practicable, and they must be returned in good condition, together with any protective covers or bags.

We are in the possession of more than one Standard and Drape so as to assist with multiple requests.