The Berta and Hector Young Trust

The Berta and Hector Young Trust is a charitable trust that exists to relieve hardship amongst employees of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service (both current and retired) and their dependants (dependants are usually those of school age but the Trustees recognise that special circumstances might apply).

The Trust aims are very similar to those of The Fire Fighters Charity, however, it receives no income other than a very small amount of interest. So the sum available is diminishing, therefore the Trustees feel it best to use the funds available for cases where The Fire Fighters Charity is unable to assist.

Applying to the Berta and Hector Young Trust

When an application is received, the Trustees will consider the circumstances and, in particular, whether the case is one that could/should be dealt with by The Fire Fighters Charity. Where this is the case you will be advised accordingly.

Where the Trust can assist they will deal with the case speedily and with absolute confidentiality.

If you have any queries and questions about the Trust, please contact Phil Webb (Trustee).

How you can help the Berta and Hector Young Trust

The Trustees need your help in identifying individuals that might be potential beneficiaries of the Trust.

Often our Members are too proud to ask for help when they encounter problems and ‘soldier’ on. This is a real pity when help is readily to hand, so if you know of someone in need please contact Phil Webb, so we can ensure the details are forwarded speedily to the Berta and Hector Young Trust.

Sharing personal information (data protection)

Please be aware that any personal information you share with us is only used for the purpose for which it is intended.

However, we may need to pass the information on to other colleagues/organisations in order to give you advice or help you make any necessary arrangements.

If you are contacting us on behalf of a friend or colleague, please make sure they are aware of this, and perhaps clear it with them first.