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Protection of personal data

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service Past Members Association is mindful of its obligation to protect the privacy of its members and, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As the Association is a membership organisation, members apply by application and pay an annual subscription for their membership. Therefore, by default, permission is given for the Association to hold contact detail and preferences as to how the Association may make contact with each individual.

On joining the Association as a member, some or all of the following detail is given by means of submission of an application form – telephone numbers, mailing address and email address. The preferred route for all communications is email, but other mailings may take place, including the periodic sending of the Association magazine. In an urgent need, such as a cancellation of an event, an Association Committee member may make contact via phone.

Every applicant for membership is given the opportunity to indicate, on the application form, if they are willing for the Association to share mailing and emailing detail with the ‘Fire Fighters Charity’, so that they may be kept informed of matters that may be to their benefit. That option may be changed at any time, in which case the Association will remove that choice of contact from the membership data held.

The Association will not share personal detail of any sort with any other third party.

If a member has taken the option for pension stoppage of the annual subscription, they will have completed and signed a form giving permission.

A master listing of personal contact detail is held by the Association Secretary and the Treasurer. Additionally, up to four other appointed Committee members, having a responsibility for sending out email notifications may hold an email listing provided by the Secretary. These additional listings are for email contact only and have no other personal detail. Any nominated Committee member holding any of these listings will conform to the policy of not directly sharing information. Email notifications will be sent out using the BCC email address line so as not to openly share email addresses. Such email listings will be deleted upon a nominated Committee member no longer holding a notification responsibility.

From time to time, requests may be received for contact details from colleagues seeking to get in touch with colleagues. It is not Association policy to pass on such detail, but rather to contact the person concerned to make contact with the requester, as they may wish.

The Association may also be contacted regarding the welfare or wellbeing of colleagues, including notification of persons in hospital etc. As a past-member Association, consideration of the welfare and wellbeing of our colleagues will always be high in our priorities and we may endeavour to seek direct contact with the individual or the family concerned.

As an Association, we exist to keep in touch with colleagues and to help resolve any periods of detrimental impact on their lives when we can and, as much as we are practicably able to do.