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Membership and the ‘Stop Message’ magazine

For all enquiries relating to membership, general queries (including loan of the Past Members Association Ceremonial Standard and Coffin Drape), and our magazine, please contact the Secretary and Editor, Alan House:

Bereavement and funeral notification

To notify us of a bereavement or a funeral, please contact Committee Member Chris Lunn:


For all enquiries relating to welfare, including the Berta and Hector Young Trust, please contact Phil Webb:


For all enquiries relating to the Past Members Association membership fees or general finances, please contact the Treasurer, Clive Kemp, at


For all enquiries relating to the Past Members Association website, please contact the PMA Webmaster at

Sharing personal information (data protection)

Please be aware that any personal information you share with us is only used for the purpose for which it is intended.

However, we may need to pass the information on to other colleagues/organisations in order to give you advice or help you make any necessary arrangements.

If you are contacting us on behalf of a friend or colleague, please make sure they are aware of this, and perhaps clear it with them first.

Our privacy statement gives more information of what we do with your personal data.